How Does Temperature Affect A Pressure Washing Project?

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In Florida, pressure washing projects can be done all year round. This is not the case in much of the country, where very cold weather makes pressure washing difficult or impossible. There are occasional exceptions, when cold fronts can bring freezing temperatures to some of Florida. Ice can damage pressure washing equipment, ice can make conditions hazardous to employees and freezing of residual water at night can damage roofs.

Florida does have some cool weather during much of the winter. Cooler temperatures can affect some aspects of pressure washing. For example acid cleaners and aluminum brighteners don’t work as well when the temperature is under 60 degrees. In much of Florida that would just mean waiting till later in the morning to start. Hot days offer some advantages. Hot days heat up residual oil and grease that can accumulate on some surfaces, making them easier to clean. Surfaces cleaned by power washing will dry more quickly on hot days. On the other hand, very hot and humid days can affect the technicians operating the cleaning equipment.

A pressure washing project in Florida is not much affected by temperatures. Pressure washing is most seriously affected by very low temperature, which is rare in most of Florida and extremely rare in South Florida. High temperatures can affect projects, but this is because heat and humidity can require that technicians take precautions. This would mean at the most that a project would be best done during cooler times of the day, but it would not postpone a project or cancel it.

Florida temperatures allow pressure washing projects to be done year round. Contact us today and get a free quote.

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