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Roof Cleaning Palm Beach

When you are in need of an expert roof cleaning Palm Beach company, then consider Pure Power Washing to help you. We have been providing the highest levels of quality pressure cleaning services in Palm Beach and the surrounding areas for different roof types from metal roofing to roof shingles. We promise to do our best to work with your budget so your home will have the beautiful appearance you desire!

Palm Beach roofs have to contend with Florida’s semitropical climate. That means lots of rain, wind and a perfect climate for algae, moss and lichens, which can stain a roof and make even new roofs soon look shabby. That means roofs need cleaning. Pure Power Washing is roof cleaning Palm Beach.

Importance of Roof Cleaning Palm Beach

Roof systems are important. They protect the rest of a structure. A regularly cleaned roof is going to last longer, and it’s going to look better. A roof looking good is important because it contributes to the value of a residential property, and if a commercial building looks good, it has an easier time attracting customers.

The main causes of stained roofs in Palm Beach are organic: moss, algae and lichen. Just cleaning the roof does not eliminate these causes, and they will start staining the roof again almost as soon as it is dry. The cleaning process we use targets and eliminates these agents in a safe manner. There are other causes of stained or dirty roofs, such as grime from pollution and debris blown onto roofs by wind. A professional washing cleans it all off.

We use a low pressure chemical cleaning method. The process is environmentally safe. Low pressure does not create the damage that high pressure washing or power clean can sometime cause. The cleaners we use do not contain harmful phosphates or bleach. We work quickly so there will be little disruption of your usual activities.

Chemical Roof Cleaning Procedure

Pricing for different roof cleaning procedures will vary depending on the size of your roof and the tools required for the job. A chemical roof cleaning will cost slightly more but will ensure the quality of your roof without any damage from heavy equipment and high water pressure. Opting for a pressurized water spray to clean your roof is a more affordable option, but is not recommended for tile roofs.

Most common roof cleaning Palm Beach procedures use pressure washing tools to remove dirt from the surface which is one of the easiest ways to clean your roof. Many companies choose the best way to clean your roof depending on the type of material your roofing is made from. It is best for you to contact us today in order to get a clear vision on how we will be able to assist you.

Routine maintenance is the best way for you to make sure that your roof is taken care of to avoid serious damage and costly repairs. Contact us today for more information or a Free Quote!

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