• Prolong shingle life and remove ugly roof stains.
  • Increase resale value.
  • Inexpensive, fast, dramatic home improvement.
  • Save thousands over the cost of a new roof.
  • Improve curb appeal.
  • Protect yourself against homeowner insurance policy cancellation


The Standard Of Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Lake Worth means Pure Power Washing. We are a family owned and operated business with more than ten years of experience in cleaning roofs, both residential and commercial. We are fully licensed and insured, and our employees are carefully trained in all our cleaning systems, with regular training updates.

Roofs in Lake Worth face the formidable Florida weather. That includes heavy rain, wind and storms. Wind and weather can leave various kinds of debris and grime on roofs. No two roofs are identical, because roofs vary in pitch, the number of valleys, the angle to the sun and wind, and the presence of nearby elements such as trees and other structures. Despite the differences, all roofs need regular cleaning.

Safe Chemical Roof Cleaning Lake Worth

Roof cleaning Lake Worth means Pure Power Washing. Our pleased customers in Lake Worth include both commercial and residential properties. We have cleaned roofs of many kinds, on every kind of residence of every size. We have cleaned roofs in Lake Worth for more than a decade.

No two roofs in Lake Worth are the same. Roofs differ in overall size, they vary in pitch, they are roofed with different kinds of materials, and roofs differ in how wind and sunlight hit them. Expert roof cleaners take these differences into account when they start a cleaning project. The technicians at Pure Power Washing have a great deal of experience that makes them effective and efficient.

Roofs in Florida need periodic cleaning. Our climate brings wind and rain that deposits debris on roofs. Pollen from oaks and palms and other trees can lodge on a roof and stain it. Algae and mildew can start without being noticed. Regular cleaning removes dirt, debris and other accumulations before they can cause stains.

Roof cleaning Lake Worth has some important benefits. Cleaning can extend the life of shingles. Cleaners can spot places on the roof that might need attention, and do so before they become real problems. Clean roofs contribute to the curb appeal of a residence, increasing its value, and just making the neighborhood look better.

Pure Power Washing has a number of cleaning options. We offer low pressure chemical cleaning and low pressure water cleaning. These methods are less likely to damage roofing such as shingles, and they offer property owners a range of choices. We suggest a program of regular roof cleaning, which can be monthly, quarterly or yearly, depending on owner’s preferences.

Call on Pure Power Washing when the roof of your Lake Worth residence needs cleaning. We offer fast and free quotes.

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